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8-Stall Shower Trailer Rental Saratoga Lake Lee’s Park Campground

Over the weekend, A-John Portable Toilets had 2 8-stall shower trailers in Saratoga Lake for the Phish Concert! Many people camped out in tents 4th of July weekend in anticipating of seeing Phish. What better way to spend your weekend then with friends and family at Lee’s Park Campground. This 4 day event was quite popular. Earlier this year the Campground had DMB (Dave Matthews Band) as a main attraction. These 2 shower trailers were used in addition to the facilities Lee’s Park Campground already had. The trailers have separate accommodations for both men and women. 8-stall shower trailers come fully equip with a total of 8 showers and 8 changing areas. (4 for women and 4 for men) They also have air conditioning and heating to make your shower even more enjoyable all year round. These shower trailers also come with sinks and mirrors.

They’re so cozy, it’s like showering in your own bathroom!

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